$101K for the 101

“I know it’s summer when I hear the train whistle.”

Have you ever ridden on a steam-powered train? There’s nothing else like it.

The Short Line 101 is the only place in Saskatchewan where you can experience the sounds, the smells and the feeling of a steam train. The little train, as it is affectionately known, started chugging along the tracks in 1978, providing a unique experience at the WDM Moose Jaw. But the train hasn’t run since 2015.

Even with routine maintenance and annual inspections, the track needs extensive repairs so visitors can enjoy rides for many years to come. We need your help.

You can bring that history back to life. You can bring the whistle back to Moose Jaw – with your donation today to help raise $101K for the 101!

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Together, we can get the little train at the WDM back on track.

Funds raised will be used to build a proper roadbed to support the track and to reengineer it so the train has a smooth ride. We’ll repair rail, replace ties and fix switches. We will also build a shelter for the Vulcan locomotive, spruce up the route with landscaping and grow our training program, so people can learn how to be steam locomotive engineers. Thank you for your support.

Media Release announcing $101K for the 101 “Back on Track” Campaign (PDF)